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Brainstorm how-to: The wall of ideas

Does the idea of being your own boss, fascinate you? Does setting up a business seem like a nightmare? Do you have a skill which not many people have? It might be a hobby, which you like to do in your free time, or it might be your experience of working in a special field for years on a limited salary, which always puts you in a juggling situation, or its just taking over your whole life, leaving you exhausted, stressed, without fun or family time? If your answer is 'Yes' then don't worry, here at the Intelligent Digital Marketing Agency (IDMA), our highly professional business consultants, will walk you through, an easy step by step, how to setup a successful business without investing a fortune programme.

World's top entrepreneurship were based on a simple idea, and were stared with very limited resources and funds, Many of these great success stories were started from a spare room or even sheds, Jeff Perston Bezos' name is top of the list. When back, in 1994, Jeff, a Princeton University graduate in electrical engineering and computer sicience, stared selling books online, who knew that, he was actually setting up world's biggest online retailer amazon.com.

to be continued....

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